Finance Transformation

Finance transformation describes strategic initiatives
aimed at reenvisioning the finance function to align
with the overall company strategy.
At ECFO, Financial Transformation is about combining vision with the need to solve and prevent critical strategic, talent and technology challenges. This means partnering with our clients’ leadership to build a clear and cogent finance strategy and vision, and then creating and following a financial roadmap to design and implement changes to organization, team, systems, processes and technology.

Financial Transformation combines people, process, technology and data to design a new operating model for the business and provide improvement in overall performance, not only cost reduction. Financial Transformation is also about optimizing performance in line with the business’s vision of what their finance strategy needs to be. ECFO will work with you to set up your system for good decision making, with strong financial controls, so that you have the data to make the right decisions for your business. ECFO will partner with you on the long-term making financial transformation an iterative and continuous process, keeping your business alert and agile, so that you are ready to face the challenges ahead.

Organizations grow and evolve naturally over time. As they grow and evolve, the outcomes they may have been designed for are no longer adequate or relevant. Financial Transformation allows for finance realignment and adjustment to deliver on and manage against new outcomes and measurements of success. When the old operating model is not working any longer, it is time for a new operating model that is designed for specific business outcomes which include the company’s mission, needs, and cost and operational performance metrics.

ECFO remains at the vanguard of this effort to improve decision making through better financials and internal controls.

From investment advisory and post-merger integrations to back office support, ECFO’s mission is to provide investors a level of clarity never thought possible.

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