At ECFO, technology is part of our DNA.
It’s integral to how we operate and is one of the pillars of our approach.



Technology is an essential component of a company’s financial infrastructure and at ECFO we leverage technology to streamline processes and drive growth through your entire organization. We combine proprietary and third party technology to gain full transparency into your business operation, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business.

Technology permeates our entire approach:

  • To better understand your business, we look at how technology applies to it and evaluate whether you have the right tools to support and scale your company
  • We use technology to look holistically beyond just the numbers and optimize the long term health of your business
  • We deploy technology to reinforce your business’ foundations and ensure financial health and continuity

Software Agnostic

ECFO is highly experienced advising on and implementing a variety of technologies and softwares:

  • Oracle 
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Netsuite 
  • QiQi
  • SAP
  • SAGE 
  • Quickbooks
  • Dear Inventory 
  • Xero 
  • Eroad Take5
  • XibaoXiao 
  • Concur 
  • EKuaiBao
  • Decision Critical
  • Sourcemaster

Technology is always changing, adapting and improving. ECFO believes that for financial technology, it is important for companies to stay up to date with their systems and processes to understand their opportunity for optimization and higher efficiency. Sound technology, wielded correctly, makes better financial leadership possible giving you transparency and insight into your business to underpin competitiveness, agility and adaptability.

A major part of the work of a CFO or Controller is driving digital transformation and the adoption of digital tools to not only improve financial operations performance but bring value to the whole company. Implementing an ERP system is one of the clearest paths to lead change to improve process and provide structure for an organization. However, lack of experience in implementing these systems can lead to costly mistakes and inefficiencies. Failure to optimize ERPs in particular can hurt a company’s value, delay their public listings, prevent mergers or divestitures, or lead to poor financial controls and fraud.

ECFO has been successfully helping companies achieve better insights into their businesses with digital transformation since 2002. Maintaining an agile approach, ECFO’s success has been due to leveraging a team approach which includes the direct users, have leadership that includes operation managers, CFOs, IT, and CMAs. Working closely and understanding IT and software teams have also allowed us to succeed where others have not.

From payment to HR tool applications, to a wide range for SASS and Cloud based ERP systems, ECFO has often used its digital transformation approach within its CFO Services scope to drive change and repurpose the financial team as a multinational shared services center to increase speed, efficiency, and reduce headcount.

ECFO remains at the vanguard of this effort to improve decision making through better financials and internal controls.

From investment advisory and post-merger integrations to back office support, ECFO’s mission is to provide investors a level of clarity never thought possible.

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