Financial Turnaround & Restructuring

In challenging times, companies ability to rapidly and effectively respond to business challenges and opportunities is critical to protecting and driving value for the business. The marketplace is a minefield of uncertainty and risk with industries susceptible to downturns and businesses may face financial distress.

Companies that successfully navigate these challenges will be the ones who can incorporate accurate and detailed information, spot the challenges and opportunities early on and quickly and effectively adapt their business and strategy.

ECFO’s Financial Turnaround & Restructuring services are focused on helping you proactively resolve your business issues, take and keep control of your business and help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are facing insolvency, addressing a crisis or just looking for new ways to create value, ECFO will work with you to help you adapt or transform and be better prepared to face a new set of challenges. Our experienced team is empowered with technology and has years of experience assessing strategic turnaround and restructuring options, helping businesses understand their risks and working with them to design and execute on sound strategies.

ECFO remains at the vanguard of this effort to improve decision making through better financials and internal controls.

From investment advisory and post-merger integrations to back office support, ECFO’s mission is to provide investors a level of clarity never thought possible.

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